…az első lépés a sikeres projektek irányába – egy új elképzelés megvalósításával…


Familiar faces – fresh ideas – new concept.

These were the thoughts that lead us to create this brand new force - a new generation consulting engineers’ team: Z & Partners. 

We are a group of experienced consulting engineers, of different ages and diverse fields of experience, all of us driven by a common cause:  delivering pure values of professionalism to our clients.

Z & Partners Ltd. is based in Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe, where FIDIC conditions of contract have been in use extensively over the last 25 years. Members of this consulting engineering partnership have gained valuable experience in preparing and managing both FIDIC and similar types of contracts – including advisory services - throughout the preparation and implementation phases for any of the project stakeholders.

The wide ranging engineering consultancy experience of the founders and members of the company cover among others civil infrastructure, transportation facilities and building projects - from inception through implementation to operation.
Altogether our founders have participated in the preparation, management and implementation of more than a thousand projects, most of them were co-financed by an international financing institution (e.g. IBRD, European Union, EBRD, EIB).

Our founders and members of staff:

ZÁHONYI, Zoltán – Managing director, Leading (senior) consulting engineer, Partner
RÉV, András – Leading (senior) consultant, Partner
ZÁHONYI, Brigitta – Leading (senior) consultant
KÉTHELYI, Barna – Consulting engineer, Partner
KENDERESY-GÖLLNER Anna - Consulting engineer, M.Sc. in economics


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www.zandpartners.com     office @ zandpartners.com  Budapest, Hungary     Tel. : +36 20 9545 547, +36 20 9252 189